About Our Sheep
Tandarra Sheep

Our purchase of Tandarra came with 30 Texel Ewes, chosen by the previous owners for their strong birthing and mothering traits and high-quality meat.  This choice did not disappoint.  Lambs were successfully birthing our first weekend on Tandarra and the first tasting of our home grown meat forever converted us on the benefits of grass fed paddock to plate produce.  The lamb just melted in your mouth and we realised just what poor quality “Lamb” is sold through retail channels. 

Texels are low fat high muscle breed.

A secondary benefit of Texels is their dual purpose of also providing fleece and sheepskins. Their strong wool is used for blankets, rugs and carpet and the lower micron lamb’s wool produces beautiful lambskin rugs.

For more information on Texel sheep click HERE to visit the the Australian Textel Sheep website. We are members of the association. 

We now run over 100 sheep, covered by three registered purebred texel rams,  a nice mix of cross-bred and purebred.

Texel Sheep For Sale
Texel Sheep

We sell Texel fleece for the home spinners, felters, weavers and rug/blanket makers who want a strong and durable wool.

Our Sheepskins are strong and durable best used for pet beds, long term confinement such as bed rest support or support for wheelchair comfort, with an average micron in low 30’s.
Our Lambskins are genuinely aged under 12 months and super soft with an average micron of 25. Ideal for babies, especially in strollers and prams.

We sell our naturally grown grass-fed Texel Lambs for tender, tasty, lean meat with great marbling.

Texels For Meat
We currently have stock for sale, ready for mobile or home butcher, pets or lawn mowers:

• Grass Fed Prime Lambs, min 18kgs meat,  $120 each - 9 available now
• Grass Fed Hoggart, min 23kg meat, $130 each -14 available now
• Grass Fed 3 yo Mutton, min 30kg meat, perfect for Slow Roast Spit or cuts - 1 available now
Texels For Breeding
Registerable Texel Purebred Stud Rams and Ewes as well as good quality general breeding stock.

• Purebred breeding Ewes $130 - selection available
• Purebred Registered Stud Ram $600 - one available
• Purebred Unregistered Stud Ram $400 - one available

Dohne Sheep For Sale
South African Merino (Dohne) Sheep

After falling in love with all types of fleece, and fascinated with all things Micron, we went on to purchase a mob of South African Merino sheep.  

We farm these sheep primarily to harvest their fine wool, for blending with our cashmere and alpaca fleece Yarns and Rovings although this breed is also dual purpose, with high quality meat as well as very fine fleece.

We sell both raw fleece for spinning and finished products such as Yarn and Rovings, and can easily blend with ultrafine cashmere and / or alpaca fleece.