About Our Alpacas
The youngest of four beautiful daughters, it was Rachel who always wanted an Alpaca. Literally our first weekend at Tandarra was spent visiting a local Alpaca breeder and purchasing two gorgeous white female alpacas, Senorita and Celena, with matings to be included. However, those matings hadn’t even occurred before our initial two turned into six! We were shown some fabulously fine (and genetically stay fine) fibred stock and while we chose Senorita and Celena (more because they picked us!), we couldn’t stop thinking about the other ones and were soon bringing home Bambini, Tafetta, Talisman and Poeme.  Like most people starting out with a couple, over the next few years we significantly built on our foundation stock although these 6 girls remain my favourite.

Alpacas are very easy on the land with a Density Stock Equivalent rating less than a sheep, soft footprint, unique and addictive personalities and produce the softest and finest fibre.  With no lanolin, which sheep fleece has, Alpaca fleece is non-allergenic and provides the most warmth for the lightest weight of garment or blanket.
We are foundation members of NSW Waratah Fibre Co-Op, the first Co-Op to establish exports to China.  We also sell fleece directly to home spinners and felters, and have some of our fleece milled to Yarn and Rovings.
Stock can be purchased as Pets, Guard Animals, fine Breeding Females and Stud Males for sale or servicing.
We valued the mentoring and support we received with our initial purchase and believe in paying forward.  We ensure new owners who have purchased our stock are also provided with training, information on husbandry requirements, ongoing after sales support and can also organise shearing services, either onsite in our state of the art shearing facilities or our mobile Alpaca Shearer can come to you. 

We are members of the Australian Alpaca Association. Click HERE to visit thier website, as well as members of the Australasian Alpaca Breeders Association, click HERE to visit their website.
Alpacas For Sale

We have several young boys for sale as pets. 

These boys are halter trained. 

It will be your responsibility to organise castration when the boys reach 18 months of age.  

PRICE: $300+GST for alpaca pictured at left

Starter Packages
Packages are available for first time pet owners and first time Breeder Packages.

Young Pair of Alpacas - 2 Males $550+GST

Male & Female $900+gst

2 Females $1200+GST, aged less than 12 months. 

Subject to availability.

Breeding Female Packages
Mum and Bub(s) package - from $1500 + GST, depending on age and fleece quality.

Young high quality, fine fleeced 2015 Solid Dark Fawn Breeder Female and her 1 month old cria (pictured) $3000 +GST. 

Additional Mating available for special discount price of $200. 

Starter Breeder Package - 2 females aged between 4-10 years old, mated to our STUD of your choice, from $$$$$ +GST.